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Paskiewicz Court Reporting provides court reporting, transcripts, records, and videography services to clients throughout the United States.

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Our core team of court reporters possesses over 60 years of combined experience, and we are active members of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).  It takes time for a new court reporter to gain the sufficient technical expertise to accurately report a deposition, so why not save time and money by scheduling an experienced Paszkiewicz court reporter!  Our growing local network of reporters has vast experience in cases involving all types of litigation.  We believe that by keeping our costs manageable and using the latest technology, we can reflect that value in the services we provide to our clients.  When you schedule with us, be assured that you will receive professional transcripts that are prompt, accurate, and easy to order.

When you pick up the phone to call us, know that you will be able to speak to someone in our office.   In addition, Paszkiewicz Court Reporting can meet all of your deposition and legal support needs, from process service, video/multimedia, conference room and teleconference setup, to final transcript production in a variety of formats.

Personalized service, friendly, professional, on-time reporters, and a desire to serve our clients set us apart!  Certified court reporters are available locally and through a nationwide referral network for any type of deposition, hearing or meeting you need. Please call us at ‭847-598-0322 to schedule legal support services.

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